"It just happened." December 10 2013

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"Why Ghana?" people often ask. Like many Fair Trade businesses, this business wasn't pre-planned. It just happened.

In March 2011, I traveled to the Volta Region of Ghana to join my daughter as a Cross Cultural Solutions (CCS) volunteer. There, I helped teach students of in a K-8 school and, in a sense, I fell in love. Not romantically, that is, but "spiritually."

One day, I asked my Ghanaian 5th graders to write a paragraph or two in answer to the standard question "What do I want to be when I grow up?" While the answers came back with differing occupations - accountant, pilot, nurse - each and every answer shared a single intention for those wonderful goals. Without exception, every student's career dreams were directed toward not themselves, but their families. They wanted to improve the lives their brothers, their sisters, their mothers...

In that first trip to Ghana, I saw this theme repeated over and over. The driver that routinely took us to our volunteer posts was earning money to help pay for his sister's college tuition. Once she graduated and secured a professional position, she would start contributing toward his college education. This is just one of many stories of brother helping sister, daughter helping mother, mother helping grandmother, and on and on.

I found the culture of Ghana to be warm, welcoming, and vibrant. This vibrancy is reflected in the music, the clothing, the smiles that greet strangers of all colors. There is more to the story, of course, but this is where it begins.

The purpose of this website is not only to provide a way to help the artisans that make Artisans of Ghana products, but as a place that will help those so-moved to learn more about this amazing place and its people.

Woezo (Ewe) / Akwaabe (Twi, Akan) / Welcome!

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